Queer Beer Pong

27 Mar

My friends and I invented a game at the beginning of the school year. We’re gay, we like rainbows, we like drinking and we love beer pong. How can we combine all of these loves? Queer beer pong!

I’m going to explain this lovely game to you. It’s just a variation on beer pong. If you live under a fucking rock and don’t know how to play beer pong, there’s a simple version of the rules here.

Queer beer pong just involves dying 6 of the cups colors. You just need red, yellow and blue food coloring. You dye the first 6 cups the 6 colors of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple as shown below:

So, you dye the cups the correct colors. Then, play pong like normal.  However, if the other team makes it into one of your colored cups, you have to follow a certain rule. The player whose turn it is to drink the beer is the one who has to follow the rule. The rule must be followed for the next 3 rounds, or until you make a shot. If you have to drink a colored cup while you’re still following a rule, you move on to the new cup and follow JUST that rule. The rules are:

Red – eyes closed

Orange – behind the back

Yellow – on your knees

Green – granny shot (underhand)

Blue – spin 3 times, then shoot immediately

Purple – non-dominant hand

Easy, and a fun twist, especially if you’re a little bored with regular beer pong. Or you want to liven up a gay party. Like us!




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2 responses to “Queer Beer Pong

  1. Hannah

    30 March 2011 at 00:43

    Sweet God! You’ve publicized our invention! Cool 🙂

    • BDOC

      30 March 2011 at 00:45

      I thought it was necessary … since it’s become so popular and all 🙂


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