Distraction Techniques

31 Mar

Last night was pool night. It was a smaller group than usual which meant I was playing against the guy who is usually my partner. He was schooling me over and over so I wanted to figure out a way to distract him so I stood a chance.

He’s gay, so obviously a vagina needed to be involved to really freak him out. Specifically, my vagina.

And last night, genital tentacles were born. (FYI I almost wrote testicles instead of tentacles. Gross.)

Genital tentacles basically involved my drunken self running laps around the pool table with my hand in front of my vagina waving my fingers, trying to touch him and yelling “my vagina has tentacles” over and over.

Obviously he combatted with penis tentacles and it was all downhill from there.

PS I promise I actually am 21 … Not 11.



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Posted by on 31 March 2011 in Drinking Tales


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One response to “Distraction Techniques

  1. Erica

    31 March 2011 at 21:12

    I wish I would have seen that.


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