Secret Beer Pong Technique

01 Apr

My friends and I have invented our own personal names for some of the reracks in beer pong.

For example, a standard diamond is called a Selena, named after the virginal Selena Gomez, in a reference to her probably tight vagina.

A wide diamond is called a Britney, because as much as we all love Britney Spears, I’ma guess her vagina is pretty loose and floppy at this point.

Recently, we’ve started giving sexual targets to said re-racks in order to make the ball better.

The guy I was playing with likes to pretend the diamond is representative of someone like Matthew McConaughey or Ryan and try to make the ball into the back cup because that’s where the penis goes (in the butthole)

I am personally a fan of imagining Ana Matronic (of the Scissor Sisters) or Angelina Jolie. I like to aim for the front cup, because the clit is the best part.

Usually, if we imagine well enough, we’re able to make both of the cups and get a roll-back.

Now you know … my secret technique.

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