Just Another Night

10 Apr

Last night was, in fact, a night.

I started it off by seeing The Wiz, which was quite enjoyable!

Following the show, there were several parties that were begging to be attended.

It was already midnight by the time we got to start drinking, so we were feeling a little tired and decided that the alcohol must be consumed quickly. I had already prepared drinking packages for my friend and I:


The vodka was for me, the x-rated for him (yes, he’s gay.) Throw in a few packs of shot glasses, sugar and orange slices and stuff it all in a bag and you’re ready to go!

The happiest little bag in the world, I think. Then it was off to the wizard sticks party! What is a wizard stick party, you ask? Well, you can find a simple explanation here.

Luckily, for the sake of those not so inclined to drink beer, they also allowed for you to create a “wizard wand” where each shot glass is like a beer. I drank 13 shots in somewhere around 20 minutes. My night went well, and I didn’t die.

After some time spent there, it was on to the next party, where I’m sure many great conversations were had, and shenanigans took place. I don’t remember.

As it got later, 4 of us decided to return to my house to make grilled cheese. The grilled cheese happened, but not before picking up a “snow route” sign and taking it home.

I woke up this morning and my living room consisted of grilled cheese remnants, wizard wands, and a snow route sign still on the pole that is taller than the ceiling in my living room.

I win again.




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2 responses to “Just Another Night

  1. averagemoe

    10 April 2011 at 18:36

    I’m glad I can see some of last night’s tweets on the side along with this post. Perfection perfected.

  2. Hannah Jane

    10 April 2011 at 23:25

    A successful night, indeed! My wand was longer than I anticipated it would be…


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