Accessories (And by Accessories, I Obviously Mean Bow-Ties)

13 Apr

Ok. So, I totally identify as a minimalist, or at least an aspiring minimalist (ps, gonna start blogging about that occasionally … you’ll be totally enlightened)

Now, everyone has something that really gets them. Like, something they totally can’t resist. For me, that’s ties. And especially bow-ties.

I’ve gotten pretty good about not buying stuff I don’t need, and using that money for experiences instead, or buying a few good things that I really enjoy.

Except bow-ties.

I was glancing through etsy this morning, with great intentions. I’m planning to maybe sell a few paintings, so I was looking at prices and exploring what other people have to offer. I then made a mistake.

I went to the search bar, and typed bow-ties. Thousands of hits.  Holy shit. I was good. I only looked through 3 pages. I those 3 pages, though, I liked 6 enough to open them and contemplated opening at least 6 more. Unnecessary. I want to share them with you.

Just a tie, but still fantastic. It came up at the beginning, and though it’s not a bow-tie, totally lustworthy.

The next two are for when I’m feeling pretentious.

Great, right? Perfect to wear with a blazer, slacks and argyle socks. (Suchhhh a gay boy.)

If I’m feeling gay and going clubbing, and not in the mood for my sequined bow-tie, this seems perfect:

It’s a women’s bow-tie, but that just makes it even gayer, right? The ironic thing is that I’m actually a woman, so it would make sense for me to get this but not really.

Hipster bow-tie? Check.

And finally, the bow-tie my future child (boy or girl) will wear …

Sincerely yours,

BDOC (a gay boy at heart with big ole’ gay boy problems)


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3 responses to “Accessories (And by Accessories, I Obviously Mean Bow-Ties)

  1. averagemoe

    13 April 2011 at 12:21

    Of course the one I liked turned out to be for girls.

  2. BDOC

    13 April 2011 at 12:34

    I’m pretty sure you can wear it anyway. I would, and we all know I’m not a girl.

  3. pocketsquarez

    24 May 2011 at 22:46

    Check this collection of custom Reversible Bow Ties at


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