Flaming Duck Quiff

15 Apr

Ok. Last night, I got to see this great little sketch/improv/musical show called Broad Comedy.

Fantastic! I laughed my ass off (I was also a little drunk from the margaritas earlier, so that helped)

After the show, we met up with the lovely cast to have some drinks.

It was taking too long for them to start, so obviously average moe and I went to have absynthe first.

Now, I won’t tell you all about the night, because other than great conversations nothing particularly epic happened.


Creative Commons License - Adam Coster

WHAT a beautiful thing, that was. Now, that’s not actually the shot that we had, I was too drunk to remember to take a picture (like, let’s be real …)

However, it looked quite similar.

And it was called, a “Flaming Duck Quiff”

What exactly is it, you ask?

A recipe!

Blend the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey, grenadine and Kahlua coffee liqueur together with the ice. Pour into a whiskey sour glass; layer the melted caramel on top, then add the 151. Ignite, and serve.
Our bartender had us drop the shot into beer, I believe. Something strong and sweet-ish. It was creamy and wonderful, although I did accidentally set the counter on fire. #sorrynotsorry
I recommend trying it out!

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2 responses to “Flaming Duck Quiff

  1. averagemoe

    15 April 2011 at 15:52

    thank you for bringing my gigglefest back to its regularly scheduled programming.

  2. Redneckprincess

    15 April 2011 at 23:25

    Hahahahah…the NAME is awesome 🙂


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