An Epic Disney Adventure!

19 Apr

Abu, Genie, Aladdin, Jasmine, Raja, Magic Carpet (in front of us all)

This weekend, we celebrated a good friend’s 21st birthday.

It was disney themed.

It was a win.

Ok, story of the night. We got chipotle, and ran to the store to pick up costume supplies (paint and fabric) and then headed home to start getting ready and make jello shots.

We made 70 jello shots (HUGE jello shots) and put them away to harden while we did  things like make hats and tassels and paint ourselves.

We were all characters from Aladdin. I was Aladdin, obviously, as the general ring-leader of the group, and plainlymoe was the Genie.

After finishing our costumes, the jello shots were just about ready so along with a few other friends, several of us did at least a jello shot per minute. I did 12 in 12. I was impressed. I then moved on to 100 proof that my wonderful friend who was in town visiting brought me! He decided it was no longer April, but actually December, and so I deserved a present for my birthday. #win

Then we headed to the party, nommed on some jungle juice (delish) and then my fellow bow-tie lover and I proceeded to school bitches at beer pong for 3 games before I got a bit too drunk and lost my ability to bounce and therefore we lost.

Then, it was back to the jungle juice. People had really started showing up. Someone broke the stairs a little bit. Plainlymoe and I did the Born this Way dance, and we rocked out to Judas and some Bieber.

THEN, I discovered the most magical ability of my magic lamp … you can drink out of it! I’m pretty sure that I made every single person at the party drink from it.

I had a photoshoot, where I tried to get rid of my drunk eyes, but I actually just opened them really big and looked scary.

Then, we headed home, and I stole a sign that said “absolutely for rent” because it reminded me of the vodka.

We obviously headed through mcdonalds on the way home, and it was 5 am so they were only selling breakfast food which made me extremely happy!

Then I passed out.

Aladdin and crew will be returning in 2 weeks.



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One response to “An Epic Disney Adventure!

  1. Don't Make That Face

    19 April 2011 at 15:20

    That theme would have been so much fun. And, how cute are you?!
    I never get sick of theme parties. People can always count on my to dress up.


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