Everything Awful …

20 Apr

CC License - Powazny

happened yesterday.

Well, not everything awful.

But awful, awful storms happened!

It started storming early in the day.

Lots of rain, some thunder and lightning and started picking up around 11.

Mind you, 11 is when I was getting ready to head to my sculpture class, which is currently working on outdoor pieces. In the woods.

Thunder + lightning = scared little puppy bdoc.

Thunder + lightning + working in the woods for 3 hours = bdoc having a little panic attack partway through class.

Plus, due to all the storming, the creek which I could barely see last Thursday has almost reached the site of my sculpture! Balls.

That’s not even the worst part though! I survived class, and THOUGHT I had survived the whole day.

That is, until I was startled awake around 1 am by thunder and a lot of pounding on my front door. We had a tornado warning, funnel clouds had been spotted and my friends living in the upstairs part of the house wanted to come down and sit in the ground floor.

So, for the next 45 minutes we sat in the bathroom, huddled around watching the radar and listening to the police scanners talk about downed electric lines and trees on fire and collapsed garages. It was almost like an action movie, except I was part of it.

I was freaking out, so to conclude the evening, I did the only thing I could think of … had a glass of merlot and went to bed.

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One response to “Everything Awful …

  1. Erin Mizer

    20 April 2011 at 14:42

    I love how your night ended haha. I was at Brick when we got the warning, so we just stayed there and danced! I mean hey, there weren’t windows I guess. It was pouring when we left, so we sloshed through puddles and sang songs. Rain can sometimes be fun!!


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