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Hi, I'm Heather. I'm 21 years old, and a recent college graduate on my way to Los Angeles to take over Hollywood. My plans over the next few years include working, selling art and traveling to all 50 states and living to blog about it. Questions? Comments? Want to travel together? Hit me up! I'd love to chat with you.

I’m Back

Did you miss me? Sorry it has been so incredibly long since I last let you in on the gory details of my life and the ridiculous adventures that I have …. I have good excuses though, I swear!

For those of you reading my blog that don’t go to school with me, I am a college graduate of less than a week. I graduated this past Sunday with a degree in theatre, so now I’m one step closer to becoming a “real person.” That’s why I haven’t been blogging though … I chose to spend my last little bit of time at Miami with my friends rather than behind a computer writing blog posts, and I certainly don’t regret it.

Now, however, I’m working at summer camp and so I definitely have time for blogging again. Especially over these next 3 weeks when I’m only working 4 hours a day or so. So, to give you the run-down, I’m going to be supervising the staff at my camp that runs the high ropes course, low ropes course, vertical playground, giant swing and climbing tower. For the next 3 weeks, though, I’m going to be supervising a different staff that helps to run these camps for 6th graders from a school in the area, so I have a lot less work which is really quite nice. At least a little bit of time to  relax, even though I still have to go home every weekend (4 hour drive) for like a day, just to come right back. But my brother is also graduating, and we are having a graduation party which at least should get me some money. Yay!

I feel as though I should give you a digest of drunken stories that I remember, even if there aren’t many. I tended to either brown or black out just about every night and since we were literally going out every single night of the week, it got intense.

I could tell you about how I am THE lesbian at Miami, or rather I was. But since I’m graduating, I have to be replaced and after months of debate, we found my replacement. A group of us drunk-dialed her to inform her that she was going to become THE lesbian. I think she digs it.

Also, I could tell you about one of the many times we were at my favorite classy bar. (The place where averagemoe and I like to drink absinthe.) We were at this bar, probably 12 or 15 of us, and they were $80 away from breaking a $9,000 sales night which would have been a record. Averagemoe drunkenly felt a brown obligation to help them break their sales record by offering to buy the entire group a round of drinks. I got to be the drink orderer, as is right. It was a beautiful thing.

Or, I could tell you about the time that we went dancing and this creepy short man tried to dance with all t he girls in our group, until one girl flipped him off and I told him “You’re not as charming as you think you are.” He left and proceeded to pee in a corner. On the dance floor.

That’s all that I remember. The rest is kind of a blur. I’ll blog again soon.

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So Valid!

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Five Question Friday

It’s time for “Five Question Friday”!!

1. What is your favorite Easter tradition?
I have a mega huge, ridiculous sweet tooth. Obviously the candy is the best part. Want to win my heart? Cadbury cream eggs and reeses eggs. I’ll love you always.

2. Are you a “shower” or a “long, hot bath” kind of person?
I’m pretty efficient. I’m all about the showers. I don’t really have the time or patience for a long, hot bath. Unless I’m sick. Or sometimes drunk.

3. Can you parallel park and if so when is the last time you did it?
Absolutely I can! I do it everytime I drive on campus, because the only places I’m allowed to park without paying 5 million bucks for a parking pass require parallel parking.

4. What is your favorite Easter candy?
I already answered this, but to reiterate – cadbury cream eggs and reeses eggs.

5. Easter: do you go all out with the Easter Bunny or focus on the religious part of the holiday?
Sweet tooth. Easter Bunny.
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I’m scared

Of some weird shit.

What could I possibly be afraid of, being the big scary lesbian that I am?

Well, thunderstorms for one. But at least that’s pretty normal.

Another weird fear?

CC licensing - herr_hartman

Gum – like, I think it’s gross. And it sounds gross and smells disgusting and when people blow bubbles I want to vomit. Not only that though, the sight of chewed gum makes me want to cry. It genuinely stresses me out. If I’m eating with someone and they take gum out of their mouth to eat and set it on their plate or something, I can’t focus on anything because I’m too weirded out.

CC licensing - CAIT

I HATE JELLO. It’s funny, because I JUST blogged about jello shots, but the only way I’ll consume jello is if it will make me drunk. Otherwise, I won’t touch the stuff. I think the other reason I’m ok with jello shots is because they jiggle less than other jello things. They’re small and well-contained. Once, one summer when I was working at camp, my campers knew I was scared of jello .. one night at dinner, they brought out a tray of jello cubes for desert. My campers threw them at me. Little shits.

CC Licensing mag3737

My weirdest fear … drains. I don’t know exactly where this one came from, but I have an inexplicable fear of drains. I won’t touch them. I think it’s because for some reason I think something could come out of them, but I don’t really know … Judge me all you want, but it seriously impairs my ability to clean the kitchen sink or the bathroom!

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Lightning Field – Places to Go

So, in August my dad, little brother and I are driving across the country to move me to Los Angeles. Rather than driving for 3 days and just getting there, we’ve decided to turn it into a longer road trip. And the best part? It’s up to me to plan where we go!

We’ve been talking in my sculpture class a lot about various environmental sculptures. One of the coolest ones that I think we talked about is this:

Walter De Maria, The Lightning Field, 1977. Long-term installation in Western New Mexico. Photo: John Cliett. Copyright Dia Art Foundation.

It doesn’t look all that exciting in the picture, but wait until you hear what it is!

This is what the Dia Art Foundation writes:

The Lightning Field, 1977, by the American sculptor Walter De Maria, is a work of Land Art situated in a remote area of the high desert of western New Mexico. It is comprised of 400 polished stainless steel poles installed in a grid array measuring one mile by one kilometer. The poles — two inches in diameter and averaging 20 feet and 7½ inches in height — are spaced 220 feet apart and have solid pointed tips that define a horizontal plane. A sculpture to be walked in as well as viewed, The Lightning Field is intended to be experienced over an extended period of time. A full experience of The Lightning Field does not depend upon the occurrence of lightning, and visitors are encouraged to spend as much time as possible in the field, especially during sunset and sunrise. In order to provide this opportunity, Dia offers overnight visits during the months of May through October.”

This is what my professor says:

“You go into the desert and there are all these poles sticking out of the ground, and you stay the night in this cabin. They give you a little food and a bottle of wine, and you get kind of tipsy with the other people in the cabin, and you talk about art with the other people staying in the cabin. Then, everyone wakes up at sunrise and you watch the sun rise over it and it’s really cool, and you hope that lightning strikes because that’s when it really looks the coolest.”



Happy Travels,


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Superhero Alphabet

This is super cute! A print by Fabian Gonzalez.

(click on the photo for ordering information)

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I am a gourmet chef

Or, at least I aspire to be when it comes to things like this:

CC Licensing Stacy Lynn Baum

So, my friends and I LOVE jello shots. 10 in 10, rainbows of jello shots.

I think I want to create a special treat for them. Typically, I follow the standard jello shot recipe:

Mix powder with amount of hot water listed on the box, substitute vodka for the cold water, mix, pour, let them harden. Eat and enjoy.

Vodka is cheap and easy to come by.

I’m interested, however,  in exploring more jello shots. Like one time, I had “strawberry margarita” jello shots …

strawberry jello, triple sec, tequila

They didn’t quite taste like a margarita, but they were definitely reminiscent and I quite enjoyed them.

Here are some other ideas that I have:

(I am assuming you’re using a smaller box of jello and thus need one cup total of alcohol/cold liquids)

Classic margaritas:

lime jello, tequila (7/8 cup), triple sec (1/8 cup), maybe some salt on top.

Pineapple Upside Down:

pineapple jello, vanilla vodka (3/4 cup), amaretto (1/4 cup), dash of grenadine into each individual shot to give it the color/flavor.


orange jello, champagne (1 cup)

White Sangria:

Ok, this one I’m a little more iffy about, and you’d have to make it in greater amounts:

1 box orange and 1 box lemon jello, club soda (1/4 cup), white wine (1 cup), vodka (1/4 cup), cointreau (1/8 cup), water (1/8 cup) and then add little pieces of sangria appropriate fruit


I don’t know if cranberry flavored jello exists, but if it doesn’t you could use unflavored gelatin and add cran juice.

cranberry jello, orange vodka (3/4 cup), triple sec (1/8), lime juice (1/8)

Fuzzy Navel:

This is a layered shot!

Layer 1 – peach jello, orange vodka (1/2 cup), peach schnapps (1/2 cup)

Layer 2 – orange jello, orange vodka (1/4 cup), peach schnapps (3/4 cup)

So these are just a few ideas.

Drink up!


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