Everything Awful …

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happened yesterday.

Well, not everything awful.

But awful, awful storms happened!

It started storming early in the day.

Lots of rain, some thunder and lightning and started picking up around 11.

Mind you, 11 is when I was getting ready to head to my sculpture class, which is currently working on outdoor pieces. In the woods.

Thunder + lightning = scared little puppy bdoc.

Thunder + lightning + working in the woods for 3 hours = bdoc having a little panic attack partway through class.

Plus, due to all the storming, the creek which I could barely see last Thursday has almost reached the site of my sculpture! Balls.

That’s not even the worst part though! I survived class, and THOUGHT I had survived the whole day.

That is, until I was startled awake around 1 am by thunder and a lot of pounding on my front door. We had a tornado warning, funnel clouds had been spotted and my friends living in the upstairs part of the house wanted to come down and sit in the ground floor.

So, for the next 45 minutes we sat in the bathroom, huddled around watching the radar and listening to the police scanners talk about downed electric lines and trees on fire and collapsed garages. It was almost like an action movie, except I was part of it.

I was freaking out, so to conclude the evening, I did the only thing I could think of … had a glass of merlot and went to bed.

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Walking Table

Ok, so I recently was part of a kinetic sculpture festival. We made some cool stuff, but I’m pretty sure this walking table trumps everything that was there.

Wouter Scheublin invented this sick walking table. Super cool! You just push it, and the legs walk around like human legs. It’s kind of sad that it still has to be pushed (in the video below) but it’s got some incredible potential! I just wish I could make something like this …

Check out the video by DesignerPages  at Design Miami:

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An Epic Disney Adventure!

Abu, Genie, Aladdin, Jasmine, Raja, Magic Carpet (in front of us all)

This weekend, we celebrated a good friend’s 21st birthday.

It was disney themed.

It was a win.

Ok, story of the night. We got chipotle, and ran to the store to pick up costume supplies (paint and fabric) and then headed home to start getting ready and make jello shots.

We made 70 jello shots (HUGE jello shots) and put them away to harden while we did  things like make hats and tassels and paint ourselves.

We were all characters from Aladdin. I was Aladdin, obviously, as the general ring-leader of the group, and plainlymoe was the Genie.

After finishing our costumes, the jello shots were just about ready so along with a few other friends, several of us did at least a jello shot per minute. I did 12 in 12. I was impressed. I then moved on to 100 proof that my wonderful friend who was in town visiting brought me! He decided it was no longer April, but actually December, and so I deserved a present for my birthday. #win

Then we headed to the party, nommed on some jungle juice (delish) and then my fellow bow-tie lover and I proceeded to school bitches at beer pong for 3 games before I got a bit too drunk and lost my ability to bounce and therefore we lost.

Then, it was back to the jungle juice. People had really started showing up. Someone broke the stairs a little bit. Plainlymoe and I did the Born this Way dance, and we rocked out to Judas and some Bieber.

THEN, I discovered the most magical ability of my magic lamp … you can drink out of it! I’m pretty sure that I made every single person at the party drink from it.

I had a photoshoot, where I tried to get rid of my drunk eyes, but I actually just opened them really big and looked scary.

Then, we headed home, and I stole a sign that said “absolutely for rent” because it reminded me of the vodka.

We obviously headed through mcdonalds on the way home, and it was 5 am so they were only selling breakfast food which made me extremely happy!

Then I passed out.

Aladdin and crew will be returning in 2 weeks.



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Disgusting – Please Read and Reblog

(click on the image for the full story/video)

So, this isn’t normally the type of thing I like to blog about.

I like to keep my blog happy and upbeat, but I read this today, and I watched the video.

As someone who has also been the victim of a hate crime, this issue is extremely important to me. It’s time we did something about this, because it’s disgusting.

How can we change the world? What can we do?

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Minimalist Mondays

Licensed to p.a.n.eThis blog is all about my adventures, and my aspirations and the things I do and the things that I want to do. I’ve started my “travel thursdays” series, and now I also want to start my “minimalist mondays” series.

Why, you ask?

Well, minimalism is something that I consider to be a really important thing.

Why, you ask again?

Lots of reasons.

1. Minimalism gives me freedom. I just wrote about my 50 States Project. While I’m certainly not planning to travel all over the world, 50 states in 5 years is a decent amount of traveling. And since I’m planning to spend a lot of time in each state, that’s quite a bit of travel time. I also want to travel the world. Minimalism helps me remember to really limit what I own, so it’s easier to decide to travel for 3 months. I don’t have to worry about all of the stuff that I’m leaving behind.

2. Minimalism gives me freedom. This is a different freedom. The first freedom was a physical freedom, to travel the world. This is a freedom of time. If I’m not forced to spend time working constantly to make money to buy stuff, I have time to pursue what’s important to me.

3. It’s good for the environment. I’m very concerned about the impact that consumerism has on the environment. So, as a minimalist I’m using less packaging which means less waste. I’ve become a vegetarian, which reduces my impact on the environment. I’ve stopped driving and started walking/biking as much as possible. That way, I can not only enjoy the journey, I can also reduce my impact. These benefits to the environment are things that I’m really passionate about, and I love that it’s a side effect of minimalism.

So, every Monday I’m going to blog about minimalism, whether it’s how I incorporate it, or how it’s helping me or anything like that.



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New Thing – Five Question Friday

Ok, so I’m trying this new thing called “Five Question Friday”

It’s real simple. They ask 5 questions, and I answer them. Every Friday.


1. What is your favorite sign of spring?
Does day drinking count? Like, for realsies. I look forward to the warm weather and sunshine of spring so that I can play beer pong outside, and day drink!

2. What was your best birthday ever?
Hm. I don’t really remember the last few, because they just consisted of getting drunk. A great birthday memory is 3 years ago, for my 18th birthday, my friend and I had birthdays very close to one another. We bought a chocolate peanut butter ice cream cake from cold stone and ate the whole thing by ourselves. I’m drooling now, please excuse me while I go wipe my face off.

3. What is your favorite dessert?
See above …
No, just kidding. Ok, I’m a chocoholic.
I’m actually a really big fan of buying an expensive bar of nice dark chocolate and just having one or two pieces every once in a while. Drooling again …

4. What is the best excuse you’ve ever used to get out of a ticket?
Um, I’ve never been given a ticket. Well, one time I wrecked my car and I should have probably gotten a ticket, but I cried so there was no ticket. Although it’s unclear whether I would have gotten one or not. That’s a boring story. Sorry.
Once I got pulled over after doing x, but I managed to not get in trouble!

5. Do you wake up before your alarm, with your alarm, or after hitting snooze several times?
Depends on the day, and the hangover. I’m often a big fan of snooze, particularly when my head feels like it’s going to explode. Or implode. Death, whichever way you look at it.
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Flaming Duck Quiff

Ok. Last night, I got to see this great little sketch/improv/musical show called Broad Comedy.

Fantastic! I laughed my ass off (I was also a little drunk from the margaritas earlier, so that helped)

After the show, we met up with the lovely cast to have some drinks.

It was taking too long for them to start, so obviously average moe and I went to have absynthe first.

Now, I won’t tell you all about the night, because other than great conversations nothing particularly epic happened.


Creative Commons License - Adam Coster

WHAT a beautiful thing, that was. Now, that’s not actually the shot that we had, I was too drunk to remember to take a picture (like, let’s be real …)

However, it looked quite similar.

And it was called, a “Flaming Duck Quiff”

What exactly is it, you ask?

A recipe!

Blend the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey, grenadine and Kahlua coffee liqueur together with the ice. Pour into a whiskey sour glass; layer the melted caramel on top, then add the 151. Ignite, and serve.
Our bartender had us drop the shot into beer, I believe. Something strong and sweet-ish. It was creamy and wonderful, although I did accidentally set the counter on fire. #sorrynotsorry
I recommend trying it out!

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