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I am a gourmet chef

Or, at least I aspire to be when it comes to things like this:

CC Licensing Stacy Lynn Baum

So, my friends and I LOVE jello shots. 10 in 10, rainbows of jello shots.

I think I want to create a special treat for them. Typically, I follow the standard jello shot recipe:

Mix powder with amount of hot water listed on the box, substitute vodka for the cold water, mix, pour, let them harden. Eat and enjoy.

Vodka is cheap and easy to come by.

I’m interested, however,  in exploring more jello shots. Like one time, I had “strawberry margarita” jello shots …

strawberry jello, triple sec, tequila

They didn’t quite taste like a margarita, but they were definitely reminiscent and I quite enjoyed them.

Here are some other ideas that I have:

(I am assuming you’re using a smaller box of jello and thus need one cup total of alcohol/cold liquids)

Classic margaritas:

lime jello, tequila (7/8 cup), triple sec (1/8 cup), maybe some salt on top.

Pineapple Upside Down:

pineapple jello, vanilla vodka (3/4 cup), amaretto (1/4 cup), dash of grenadine into each individual shot to give it the color/flavor.


orange jello, champagne (1 cup)

White Sangria:

Ok, this one I’m a little more iffy about, and you’d have to make it in greater amounts:

1 box orange and 1 box lemon jello, club soda (1/4 cup), white wine (1 cup), vodka (1/4 cup), cointreau (1/8 cup), water (1/8 cup) and then add little pieces of sangria appropriate fruit


I don’t know if cranberry flavored jello exists, but if it doesn’t you could use unflavored gelatin and add cran juice.

cranberry jello, orange vodka (3/4 cup), triple sec (1/8), lime juice (1/8)

Fuzzy Navel:

This is a layered shot!

Layer 1 – peach jello, orange vodka (1/2 cup), peach schnapps (1/2 cup)

Layer 2 – orange jello, orange vodka (1/4 cup), peach schnapps (3/4 cup)

So these are just a few ideas.

Drink up!


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An Epic Disney Adventure!

Abu, Genie, Aladdin, Jasmine, Raja, Magic Carpet (in front of us all)

This weekend, we celebrated a good friend’s 21st birthday.

It was disney themed.

It was a win.

Ok, story of the night. We got chipotle, and ran to the store to pick up costume supplies (paint and fabric) and then headed home to start getting ready and make jello shots.

We made 70 jello shots (HUGE jello shots) and put them away to harden while we did  things like make hats and tassels and paint ourselves.

We were all characters from Aladdin. I was Aladdin, obviously, as the general ring-leader of the group, and plainlymoe was the Genie.

After finishing our costumes, the jello shots were just about ready so along with a few other friends, several of us did at least a jello shot per minute. I did 12 in 12. I was impressed. I then moved on to 100 proof that my wonderful friend who was in town visiting brought me! He decided it was no longer April, but actually December, and so I deserved a present for my birthday. #win

Then we headed to the party, nommed on some jungle juice (delish) and then my fellow bow-tie lover and I proceeded to school bitches at beer pong for 3 games before I got a bit too drunk and lost my ability to bounce and therefore we lost.

Then, it was back to the jungle juice. People had really started showing up. Someone broke the stairs a little bit. Plainlymoe and I did the Born this Way dance, and we rocked out to Judas and some Bieber.

THEN, I discovered the most magical ability of my magic lamp … you can drink out of it! I’m pretty sure that I made every single person at the party drink from it.

I had a photoshoot, where I tried to get rid of my drunk eyes, but I actually just opened them really big and looked scary.

Then, we headed home, and I stole a sign that said “absolutely for rent” because it reminded me of the vodka.

We obviously headed through mcdonalds on the way home, and it was 5 am so they were only selling breakfast food which made me extremely happy!

Then I passed out.

Aladdin and crew will be returning in 2 weeks.



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Flaming Duck Quiff

Ok. Last night, I got to see this great little sketch/improv/musical show called Broad Comedy.

Fantastic! I laughed my ass off (I was also a little drunk from the margaritas earlier, so that helped)

After the show, we met up with the lovely cast to have some drinks.

It was taking too long for them to start, so obviously average moe and I went to have absynthe first.

Now, I won’t tell you all about the night, because other than great conversations nothing particularly epic happened.


Creative Commons License - Adam Coster

WHAT a beautiful thing, that was. Now, that’s not actually the shot that we had, I was too drunk to remember to take a picture (like, let’s be real …)

However, it looked quite similar.

And it was called, a “Flaming Duck Quiff”

What exactly is it, you ask?

A recipe!

Blend the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey, grenadine and Kahlua coffee liqueur together with the ice. Pour into a whiskey sour glass; layer the melted caramel on top, then add the 151. Ignite, and serve.
Our bartender had us drop the shot into beer, I believe. Something strong and sweet-ish. It was creamy and wonderful, although I did accidentally set the counter on fire. #sorrynotsorry
I recommend trying it out!

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Drunk Cleaning

Does anyone else do this?

(I know I blogged about this on my old blog, so sorry to those of you that read that. But not really, cause let’s be honest … I don’t really give a shit.)

But like, for real! I’m a huge fan of drunk cleaning.

Like, one night we had spilled red wine all over the floor, there were cups and beer cans and a beer pong table in the living room, and dirty dishes. I, at around 6 am, after a night of partying, cleaned it all up. Now, let’s be real. I don’t remember cleaning on this particular occasion, but that’s not important. What’s important is that I woke up with a hangover and expected a dirty house but I had mopped and shit the night before! Bloody fucking brilliant!

And this week, our house has been gross. Plus we still had the sign that we stole all up in the living room. I got home from karaoke night around 2 am, and boom! Cleaned! The dishes all got done, and my laundry was put away and I got rid of the sign and picked up trash … Awesome

I mostly like washing dishes when drunk. This was especially helpful in years past, when we didn’t have a dishwasher, although still nice this year.

The one thing that drunk cleaning DOESN’T do for me, that I wish it did, is get rid of my fucking irrational fear of drains. (I’ll blog about that later this week or next week.)

Do any of you drunk clean? Anyone want me to clean their house? Just get me drunk and your house will be beautiful! (Yes, you can in fact hire me.)




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Just Another Night

Last night was, in fact, a night.

I started it off by seeing The Wiz, which was quite enjoyable!

Following the show, there were several parties that were begging to be attended.

It was already midnight by the time we got to start drinking, so we were feeling a little tired and decided that the alcohol must be consumed quickly. I had already prepared drinking packages for my friend and I:


The vodka was for me, the x-rated for him (yes, he’s gay.) Throw in a few packs of shot glasses, sugar and orange slices and stuff it all in a bag and you’re ready to go!

The happiest little bag in the world, I think. Then it was off to the wizard sticks party! What is a wizard stick party, you ask? Well, you can find a simple explanation here.

Luckily, for the sake of those not so inclined to drink beer, they also allowed for you to create a “wizard wand” where each shot glass is like a beer. I drank 13 shots in somewhere around 20 minutes. My night went well, and I didn’t die.

After some time spent there, it was on to the next party, where I’m sure many great conversations were had, and shenanigans took place. I don’t remember.

As it got later, 4 of us decided to return to my house to make grilled cheese. The grilled cheese happened, but not before picking up a “snow route” sign and taking it home.

I woke up this morning and my living room consisted of grilled cheese remnants, wizard wands, and a snow route sign still on the pole that is taller than the ceiling in my living room.

I win again.




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Beer Pong … With Taylor Lautner

I forgot to blog yesterday. My bad! It was because I was at lunch with my mom and shopping and before I knew it, it was time for drinking! So that’s that.

In order to make it up to you, I’d like to tell you about my night last night.

It started off well, and only got funnier.

I was rocking my new outfit … cardigan and fake ray-bans and skinny jeans and hipster shoes. I decided I was Bruno Mars, and played my uke all night long.

Some friends came over. We had cheese bites and fries and made 50 jello shots for 5 of us.

We started playing some beer pong, and waited for the jello shots to harden. Around midnight, they were ready for eating, so we began. They were quite tasty (the green ones were anyway, the only color I like. Ironic, considering my general hatred of blue and green drinks/shots. I think it’s because jello is solid-ish, although it’s shocking that I even eat jello at all since I’m scared of the way it jiggles.)

Because the jello shots were so tasty, we obviously decided to speed eat them. I ate 11 jello shots in 11 minutes. I’m a light-weight. That’s quite an accomplishment. The night then continued as I got drunker and drunker. We went back to beer pong.

At one point, I was sitting outside on the ground, with my uke and sunglasses. Apparently I looked like I passed out.

We took our pants off at one point. I played beer pong in purple striped underwear and argyle socks. I won.

One time, we were standing outside and my Mexican neighbor opened the front door, leaned out, and took a piss. Classy.

We also witnessed a fight. Like, just a break-up fight. It was pretty funny, though. Especially when Mexican man started pissing in the middle of it.

At one point, we went across the street to the bro’s house to play beer pong with a Taylor Lautner look-alike. Such bros. We lost, but I blame it on the height of the table. It’s made for someone taller than me. Like a male bro, not a lesbian bro.

After we played beer pong, we went back upstairs where we watched a girl climb into a hammock nailed into a wall and hanging probably 7 or 8 feet off the ground. The bros then started to swing it back and forth. Quickly. I’m pretty sure she might have died at some point. We left.

Then the friends left. I think. Maybe. It’s fuzzy. I think the best part was waking up at 1 pm still smashed, and going into the living room to realize that I ALREADY CLEANED!




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Secret Beer Pong Technique

My friends and I have invented our own personal names for some of the reracks in beer pong.

For example, a standard diamond is called a Selena, named after the virginal Selena Gomez, in a reference to her probably tight vagina.

A wide diamond is called a Britney, because as much as we all love Britney Spears, I’ma guess her vagina is pretty loose and floppy at this point.

Recently, we’ve started giving sexual targets to said re-racks in order to make the ball better.

The guy I was playing with likes to pretend the diamond is representative of someone like Matthew McConaughey or Ryan and try to make the ball into the back cup because that’s where the penis goes (in the butthole)

I am personally a fan of imagining Ana Matronic (of the Scissor Sisters) or Angelina Jolie. I like to aim for the front cup, because the clit is the best part.

Usually, if we imagine well enough, we’re able to make both of the cups and get a roll-back.

Now you know … my secret technique.

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