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I am a gourmet chef

Or, at least I aspire to be when it comes to things like this:

CC Licensing Stacy Lynn Baum

So, my friends and I LOVE jello shots. 10 in 10, rainbows of jello shots.

I think I want to create a special treat for them. Typically, I follow the standard jello shot recipe:

Mix powder with amount of hot water listed on the box, substitute vodka for the cold water, mix, pour, let them harden. Eat and enjoy.

Vodka is cheap and easy to come by.

I’m interested, however, ┬áin exploring more jello shots. Like one time, I had “strawberry margarita” jello shots …

strawberry jello, triple sec, tequila

They didn’t quite taste like a margarita, but they were definitely reminiscent and I quite enjoyed them.

Here are some other ideas that I have:

(I am assuming you’re using a smaller box of jello and thus need one cup total of alcohol/cold liquids)

Classic margaritas:

lime jello, tequila (7/8 cup), triple sec (1/8 cup), maybe some salt on top.

Pineapple Upside Down:

pineapple jello, vanilla vodka (3/4 cup), amaretto (1/4 cup), dash of grenadine into each individual shot to give it the color/flavor.


orange jello, champagne (1 cup)

White Sangria:

Ok, this one I’m a little more iffy about, and you’d have to make it in greater amounts:

1 box orange and 1 box lemon jello, club soda (1/4 cup), white wine (1 cup), vodka (1/4 cup), cointreau (1/8 cup), water (1/8 cup) and then add little pieces of sangria appropriate fruit


I don’t know if cranberry flavored jello exists, but if it doesn’t you could use unflavored gelatin and add cran juice.

cranberry jello, orange vodka (3/4 cup), triple sec (1/8), lime juice (1/8)

Fuzzy Navel:

This is a layered shot!

Layer 1 – peach jello, orange vodka (1/2 cup), peach schnapps (1/2 cup)

Layer 2 – orange jello, orange vodka (1/4 cup), peach schnapps (3/4 cup)

So these are just a few ideas.

Drink up!


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